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I’m not just a web designer per se, as I have over 30 years of experience in product development, product marketing, and business communications. I mainly care about reaching outcomes based on your objectives—this is what drives me. Yes, the design and content of your affordable website are important. What is just as important is how you market it. I can do both.

I call this the BUZZ FACTORS.



Most small businesses and nearly all startups lack the resources to develop a website well. If you decide to farm out website design, you will likely get quotes all over the place because there are many approaches each with its own cost. Been there done that! That’s why Buzz Marketing offers you the DOG GONE GOOD website for $995 + hosting fee. This website is a perfect start for small businesses and startups. I offer reasonable pricing to build it further as your needs grow on a per-hour basis. No contracts. No BS. No joke.


 If you want a unique logo designed by a real graphic artist with a creative pedigree (not generically designed by AI programs), my Logo Design services can play an integral role in successfully promoting you and your business. We go through a discovery process using human intelligence, inspiration, and creative genius (a.k.a. blood, sweat, & tears) to get the design nailed down to your vision. 

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I have seen countless websites go bust—that is—not provide any kind of return on investment. This is why I broke away from the old paradigm of “if you build it they will come” and created Buzz Marketing. I believe in straightforward and modern web design that is easy to access on any kind of device, but the big question that people don’t ask is, what comes after that? My answer: every website needs buzz factors to drive the best possible traffic. I don’t just build a website. I can build paths to your website, too.



A small business website is a
marketing tool that should
foster opportunities to find,
learn, share, laugh, connect, and
present solutions to peoples' needs.


David is easy to work with, very clear on his needs for a given project, and offers excellent ideas - both for his own projects as well as projects for other clients that we work together on. He's always willing to go the extra mile and uses his great intelligence to help people to understand the fundamentals of marketing and the basic technical aspects of SEO and design, which many clients have lauded him for.

Glynnis Thomas

About David Little

Creativity always starts as a particular thought, inspiration, or a feeling—often a mix of all three. It should never end there. If creativity is to inspire or persuade others, it must be let out into the world through some sort of action—such as design, art, and words, which is where I come in. I would love to be part of that creative conduit that moves your great ideas to channels where people can “tune in” and learn what you have to say to the world. I give your vision clarity!

Career Highlights


Besides Buzz Marketing, I also own KC Window Cleaning and Repair in the Kansas City area. I championed a proprietary technique (a.k.a. Fog Busters) for thermal window repair that remedies cloudy or foggy thermal windows. This repair technique saves considerable money over the cost of replacing a residential window with leaky seals.


Some of you may know me from Fox Web Creations, which I have been associated with for over 10 years. I maintain a role in its marketing operations, and I'm proud to be a part of one of the leading web design and development company's in the Kansas City area.


After graduating cum laude from Electronics Institute, my career began at the dawn of the digital age. I worked for one of the world's leading digital video processing firms, who developed original technologies that today are used throughout many industries.


I had an amazing opportunity to be part of the nascent digital signage industry that began in the late 90's. I spent over 15 years developing, marketing, and growing 4 brands that eventually morphed into a SaaS platform that is still in use today.


(913) 535-8481

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"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy. Not on fighting the old, but on building the new"